So tired

On Thursday my back yard flooded and I had to open the foul drain to keep the water from the house. On Friday the lounge started to flood when rain water penetrated through the floor. When the rain returned on Saturday, the lounge was flooded again.

Because of the floods I’m now 2 days behind on my work. I’d normally catch up at the weekend, but aside from dealing with the other flood on Saturday, I also had to contact the insurance company and a builder, and I had to wash and dry the towels I was constantly using.

I took the dog for a walk in a paddy field, and when we got back he had to go straight in the bath. More work and more towels to wash and dry. I changed the beds and washed and dried a load of bedding.

On Sunday I did some yoga and a couple of hours of writing work, then I cleaned the house some more. I washed some of the pet bedding, and I washed the cushions from the kitchen chairs. All of that was hung out, and brought in again when it rained.

I spent 3 hours solidly ironing in front of the tennis and spent half-an-hour clearing and tidying the clothes cupboards and putting the ironing away. I started a charity bag and the first things to go in were a few items from the bottom of the ironing basket that have been in there for about 3 years.

I also cooked a Sunday dinner, plated up another dinner, saved some roast potatoes and some boiled potatoes to have with meals during the week, so I’m not always eating chips, and I saved a lot of the roast chicken for other meals too.

This all still has to be done, someone still has to do it, and there’s still only me to do it.

Rufus had a shorter walk yesterday because I decided, at the last minute, that I was going out. I’d been umming and ahhing all weekend, and I thought sod it. I’m going.

I was a bit nervous about going to this particular pub because it had been a while and for other reasons too, but a friend in the band encouraged me to go and when he wasn’t on stage he made certain to look after me. I had a great time, I really enjoyed the band – this was my first time of seeing them – and I’m glad I went as I’ve not been out for a few weeks. I’m also enjoying getting to know my friend a bit better – the one in the band.

All work and no play makes Diane very grumpy. Last night I got to play for a few hours.

Today I’m suffering for all the standing around – with the ironing too. My back’s really sore and I keep putting off the yoga. But, although I may be tired, I do feel as though the weekend was a productive one in the end.

Today I have those 2 days of work to still catch up on so I’ll be staying away from the internet and switching the phone to silent. If anyone wants me urgently, they can call the house phone.

Friday’s blog post was done from the phone, so that’s why there was no goal update. Here are 2 to make up for it:

  • Write 1,000 words every day on a work of fiction (within my control).

I’ve pretty much been sticking to this, and if I’ve not actually written 1,000 words I’ve been planning or plotting or reading up on something. I’ve changed the work slot to read MY WORK and always try to spend at least an hour or two doing something of my own. Even at the weekend.

  • Write and submit 1 or 2 markets articles each month (within my control).

No. This is part of the pitching I’m no longer doing. I wrote 2 monthly markets articles at the start of the year that were bought. So far only one has been published. No 3 was rejected. No 4 never happened.

And one non-writerly goal:

  • Attend every 5 mile walk with Ramblers that am available for.

No. Again, I managed a couple but Rufus isn’t really ready to be on his best behaviour and I really prefer to walk alone or with a friend. Instead I’ve identified some short walks where I want to go, and we’re doing them in our own time.

Right then, work. I may be some time …


4 thoughts on “So tired

  1. Dray 10 July 2012 / 1:57 pm

    B’reight ducks. Seriously, as my annoying father in law says “Gutsy bugger that” 🙂


    • Diane 11 July 2012 / 10:10 am

      I know it will, it always is, but it’s the getting there that often takes the time. 🙂


    • Diane 11 July 2012 / 10:11 am

      The back is dry now, and storm water running freely. We still have to investigate the front. xx


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