Flying pitstop

Penelope Pitstop from the Wacky Races. (cartoonists William Hanna and Joseph Barbera)

This is a flying pitstop today.

I’m still alternating between editing a novel and mopping up rainwater from the lounge, and the lounge is starting to smell damp now.

With the imaginary blockage removed from the rainwater gulley at the back, the storm water is running very freely there. But I still have rainwater coming up through my lounge floor in 2 places.

Drain men are coming tomorrow to investigate.

Today I have more editing to do and the gig list. I also have draft 1 of a comedy sketch to write and a short story and a filler to outline.

My daily 10 minutes of yoga increased to 12 minutes today. My back still aches but I’m feeling more flexible again. I’m also finally doing the yoga before I do anything else, every day.

Here are 2 more goals from the start of the year:

  • Start organising interviews with National Service veterans and  provide a sample chapter to my publisher by end of March (within my control).

The interviews have started but I don’t have enough for the first chapter yet. This has been moved to August.

  • Go and talk to me ol’ muckas at Solihull Writers’ Workshop in May (within my control).

Yes, this was a big TICK in May.

Right, back to work …