Lost sight of the ball

Yesterday I lost sight of the ball – temporarily.

As another job came flying in, I was starting to feel slightly overwhelmed. I’ve been managing to tick everything off my daily lists for a couple of weeks, but yesterday I just got embroiled in just one job, when I should have just done my time on it and moved on.

The problems I’m experiencing on this one job are not of my making, and while I agreed to test the technology, I didn’t think it would be so time consuming or take so long.

Annoyed with myself I reminded me that I’m not getting paid to do that part of the job. My job is to deliver x number of edited pages by y time. And this has been compromised. So now I’m just going to do the work and let them worry about the technology. When they think it’s working, I’ll try it again.

I didn’t do my yoga yesterday, and that probably made me a bit antsy. Rufus didn’t get a proper walk, and that probably made me feel guilty. I didn’t do any of my own writing, and that probably made me cross.

Today I’m picking my ball up and keeping it.

I have more editing to do – at the expense of some proof-reading – and I need to go and collect some more work. We’re also going to try and thrash out the technology while I’m there. I want to try and do some of yesterday’s writing, plus my regular yoga and Rufus’s regular walk, and this evening I’m having a girlie evening round at a mate’s. I don’t usually do girlie, but we fancied a natter, she’ll be on the wine and I’ll be on the cider.

Tomorrow there will be chores, and probably some catch-up time on work. I may go to a gig, I may only go for the first set, I may stay in. On Sunday I’m going to see my mom and dad.


2 thoughts on “Lost sight of the ball

  1. Carol 16 July 2012 / 8:00 am

    THe damp sounds worrying, worse than having rain coming down the inside walls!
    Hope it gets sorted soon. Otherwise on the work front everything looks good.
    Starting to get my breath back, looking forward to a good weekend already!


    • Diane 16 July 2012 / 6:13 pm

      Yes, I’m looking forward to getting out too. 🙂


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