Bit of a blog break

I’ve been having a bit of a blog break, mostly because I’m trying to steer clear of the computer. It seems to be the biggest single drain on my time, so I’m avoiding it where I can.

I had a good, quiet weekend. I didn’t go to any gigs, but I did go to see my parents. I watched more Olympics (we’re doing very well), and I caught up on some DVDs so I can sell them.

On Friday I applied for a few freelance jobs, and by Sunday evening I’d received a favourable reply to one of them. On Monday I received a second.

Yesterday I enrolled with LOVEFiLM for their 30-day free trial. The idea is to do some reviews and get some of my subscription paid for. After the trial it’s only £4.99 per month (apx $7.80), and for that I get unlimited films and TV shows streamed to my computer. As Sky Movies starts at something like £8 a month (apx $12.50), it’s already a bargain, and I get to choose what to watch and when. I can also watch at my parents’ house, if I want to. Or anywhere for that matter.

I thought the buffering may be a bit distracting but it was fine, so I’ve ordered a couple of cables costing less than £4 altogether including p&p (apx $6) to connect the pc to one of the televisions. There’s a smaller wide-angle TV already in the bedroom on the desk next to the pc and router, so if I can find a nice, comfy, small, preferably FREE easy chair or small sofa/sofabed, I’m sorted. Otherwise I can take the laptop downstairs, or I think I can get a wi-fi dongle for the downstairs telly.

I did very well to switch the pc off again and get back to work.

I’ve been taking it easy this week. I’m sick of working all hours, day and night, and weekends. I’m not giving people expected delivery dates for work, unless they ask, and I’m not rushing anything. I am editing a book and there’s another to proof-read in the in-tray, with another book to edit waiting in the wings. I also have a DVD script to write, but there’s no rush on that.

This week I’ve made sure I’ve done some of my own work too, I’ve worked on CATCH THE RAINBOW, and I’ve written and submitted an article, a puzzle and a film review. I’m scheduling in reading and study, I’m doing Yoga every day now, and everything is getting ticked off as done without me half-killing myself in the process and then beating myself up for not achieving everything.

So far it’s working, and next week I intend to get up another hour earlier every day. I’m already doing that this week and it’s getting easier. So’s the Yoga and so’s the dog-walking.

Right, time to switch this bad boy off again and get back to work, again. Have a good week.


2 thoughts on “Bit of a blog break

  1. Carol 12 August 2012 / 2:22 pm

    Sounds good. xx :0)


    • Diane 25 August 2012 / 12:29 pm

      It seems to have worked. 🙂 xx


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