Holiday weekend

I’m definitely taking this weekend off. No, you can’t talk me out of it. I’m doing it. You can come with me if you like, but it’s not up for discussion. Okay? Good.

Yesterday my internet server provider fell over. I found out about it via Facebook (Mobile) when another friend was forced to go into work to do some homework she needed to finish and submit. They’d told her there was a fault and it wouldn’t be fixed until 3 September.

That’s Monday. Yesterday was Thursday. Five days?

I started to get cross. I had work to do too. Did I need to pack up and go to the  library?

I switched on, booted up, logged in and … voila! I had internet. Granted, it was very slow, but I had it. I let my friend know in case she wanted to play merry hell, and then I did as much online work as I could as fast I could before it kicked me off.

I was still on at 5pm … And so I clocked off anyway.

The night before had been quite disturbed. I was shattered so was in bed by 9pm, but for the next 2 hours the animals thought it must be a game – all of them. I had to put both cats out before the dog would settle, and then at 1am he was shouting because the cats wanted in.

The cats came in, they all settled down, and then another hour later I was woken by a story wanting to be written.

A friend had read an old story a few months ago and asked when the next instalment was due. It must have been working away in my subconscious because this was the next instalment nagging to be written, 25 years on …

I made 2 pages of notes in my nocturnal notebook and then finally made it back to sleep with the intention of doing something with it during the day.

Well, once I realised the internet wasn’t going to let me go and I logged off anyway, I finally settled down and wrote a proper outline. The story is now stewing, but it’s going to be a long one for me, approximately 2,500 words, and I want it to be my September submission to my favourite market. It will also go off to 3 overseas markets.

It was gig list day yesterday for September (a day late because I was so busy before) and for the first time in months I seem to have a fairly healthy looking list. Either my nagging has paid off or they haven’t been getting the punters. It took me a fair chunk of the day, though, especially with the internet running on steam. (Whispers: it seems to be a bit faster today …)

Today, then, I’m taking it easy. No, really. I am. I’m going to sit and do some diary work (fave chore). I have invoices to raise (hurrah!). I’m back on the daily competitions, but only because I’ve found a much quicker way of doing them. There’s a dog to walk and yoga to practise. I have the pitch and presentation to start for the 1:1 on 22 September. And I may write draft one of the story-that-nagged (SHAKING THE TREE, for the record).

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I fancy the Battle of Wakefield, Sandal Castle and Pugney’s Water Park, which was where I should have been on Monday. I’ll do the shopping on the way back, and I have to be home by teatime as someone’s dropping by at about 6pm.

On Sunday, I think I’ll go see my mom and dad. And on Monday, because I’m having my bank holiday weekend this weekend, I may go and look at the Roman Camp just outside Wentworth and Woodhouse.

Have a great weekend.


6 thoughts on “Holiday weekend

  1. esmeraldamac 31 August 2012 / 12:33 pm

    Sounds good… apart from the internet! Scary how much we depend on it, isn’t it? Have a good one.


    • Diane 31 August 2012 / 12:39 pm

      I think we rely on it far too much.

      Good to see you back, hope you’re okay.


  2. Dray 31 August 2012 / 12:37 pm

    Errr… and that Java problem you had? Java is normally updated 3 times a year. Unfortunately, there’s been security problem with Java 7 that has had everyone in a tiz. So Oracle, who maintain Java, released an important update last night – Thursday 30th.

    To update in Windows, it’s Control Panel/Java/Update tab 🙂


    • Diane 31 August 2012 / 12:41 pm

      Really? And there was me getting paranoid. Mind you, at my last job the IT guys used me as a kind of litmus paper. Either I noticed the big problems first, or they hit me first. Thank you, I’ll go see. 🙂


  3. Carol 31 August 2012 / 5:04 pm

    We’ve noticed particularly slow internet connection here recently. Having said that it’s at walking pace generally.
    Roman Camp at Wentworth Woodhouse? I’ve not heard of that. Have a good weekend, er Bank Holiday. ;0)


    • Diane 31 August 2012 / 7:42 pm

      I’m reliably assured there’s one there, but it might be a slightly longer walk. I have my picnic bought, though.


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