The Battle of Wakefield

I promised myself a holiday, and I got it. And on Saturday I finally visited Sandal Castle near Wakefield. The weather was very kind, Rufus and I had a good walk.

On Sunday I visited my parents, and I’m still on holiday today. So here are a few pictures from Saturday.

This is apparently where the Battle of Wakefield took place in 1460. It resulted in a Lancastrian victory during the Wars of the Roses.
I parked at Pugney’s Water Park and walked across to the castle. Here is one view of Pugney’s from Sandal Castle. Can you see my car …?
A close up of Pugney’s.
A people perspective pic.
I’d love to have been able to take a look in here.
Sandal Castle.
Lord Rufus lording it on Sandal Castle.
Tthis is my favourite picture from the visit.