The Battle of Wakefield

I promised myself a holiday, and I got it. And on Saturday I finally visited Sandal Castle near Wakefield. The weather was very kind, Rufus and I had a good walk.

On Sunday I visited my parents, and I’m still on holiday today. So here are a few pictures from Saturday.

This is apparently where the Battle of Wakefield took place in 1460. It resulted in a Lancastrian victory during the Wars of the Roses.
I parked at Pugney’s Water Park and walked across to the castle. Here is one view of Pugney’s from Sandal Castle. Can you see my car …?
A close up of Pugney’s.
A people perspective pic.
I’d love to have been able to take a look in here.
Sandal Castle.
Lord Rufus lording it on Sandal Castle.
Tthis is my favourite picture from the visit.



2 thoughts on “The Battle of Wakefield

  1. Carol 3 September 2012 / 9:23 am

    It’s a very poignant place as Richard, Duke of York and his eldest son were killed there at that battle. So the next son Edward became king and then of course we have the story/tragedy of Richard 3,the youngest brother, who also became king. This was after allegedly killing his other brother and his nephews.
    Sorry, for the history lesson. It looks like you had a lovely day. Did you get an ice-cream at the cafe?


    • Diane 3 September 2012 / 11:23 pm

      I always get a Pugney’s ice cream when I’m there.

      The plaque says it’s where the War of the Roses started. Well, it may have been one of them, but the wars had already been raging for about 5 years.


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