Back to work

So it’s back to work.

I had a good steady day yesterday, which included writing a press release article from scratch, submitting it (and getting 2 acknowledgements from 5), revising my fees for proof-reading and editing, getting some fees flyers made and sent off, and having a look at the job boards. Armed with my new fees, I bid for 4.

I don’t bid for work that asks me to perform a test. They have my CV, they have my rate, some even have samples or know where to find them. If they want a test, they can pay for that too. I also get annoyed with the “If I’m happy with your work, then I’ll pay”. Well, buster, for your kind of work you pay up front anyway. If you’re not happy with my work you can ask for a refund. I hit skip on those kinds of jobs.

The job boards are quite new to me, but I like them. There are jobs up there I wouldn’t think of doing yet I know I could do them and probably enjoy myself at the same time.

Plus I have fun weeding out the “dollar an article for 25 – 100 articles” rubbish in advance too, or the “I’ve calculated how long it will take you to do this work and will pay you £1.92 an hour for 20 hours work”. You know it’s going to be this before you start, what I can’t understand is the calibre of writer bidding for the work.

Okay, so the £1.92 an hour job was an exaggeration, but I think you get my drift.

So, aside from all of this new, exciting, proper freelance stuff, what else is on the agenda this week?

I have the nagging short story to write, a novel to proof-read, another article to start, the gig list to update, a dog to walk, daily competitions, plus anything else I can manage in between. The bins are already out, but I’ll have to fetch those in later today.

I’m feeling quite positive after my mini-break, feeling good.