No time to play

I didn’t get to go out to play last night after all. I decided to finish some work that had previously been delayed due to technical reasons, just to clear it from my desk. I “clocked off” at 9pm – not as bad as 1am, but still could do better.

Today is a writing day. I’m working on a short story and a commissioned article, both of which I’d like to be at cooling stage for overnight so that they can go on their merry ways in the morning – one with an invoice (hurrah!).

Tomorrow is also a part-writing day, when I’ll be working on 2 different short stories and a different article, but I’ll also be proof-reading one book or another, or electronically editing another if the proofs are back in time.

Next week is going to be proof-reading, proof-reading, proof-reading (and 2 more invoices – hurrah!), so I want to get as much writing work out of the way as I can.

Today I have to be finished at 4:45pm as I’m taking my back to see the doc at 5pm. I’ll walk the dog when I return.

Short one today. Busy. 🙂


10 thoughts on “No time to play

  1. Carol

    Have a good weekend. I’m off to meet my sister in Manchester for lunch and possibly a mooch around the shops. There may be a bit of retail therapy but I doubt it,neither of us are great shoppers! We’ll probably prefer to go to the Art Gallery or somewhere!


  2. Carol

    Lunch, coffees, lots of chat, the People’s Museum, walk around the Quayside and some historical areas and the Art Gallery. Now off for a bar meal with friends, not a bad day at all. :0)


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