Busy weekend

I worked all weekend in the end so I could deliver a work promised back by today. I originally had until the end of the day, but he asked me halfway through if I could do it sooner. I couldn’t promise and so I didn’t, but it will be there considerably earlier than the end of the day at least.

My diary really is quite tight and I’d already offered to juggle what I could and get the job back sooner. But he said it was fine, and gave me today as the deadline. Once I’d juggled things to fit in the new work, I couldn’t really juggle them any more, so instead of juggling them again I gave him the weekend – or part of it.

I need this job off the desk this morning so I can start the next one this afternoon. That’s how tight my diary is.

At about 7pm on Saturday I decided I was going out. I was going cross-eyed and developing a humped back, so by 8:45pm I was on my way. I met up with quite a few friends, as well as band members, and we had another great night. The friend whose band it is shared some interesting news of theirs for the near future, and I’m really excited about that and looking forward to it.

All day Saturday I also took advantage of what could be the last of the sunny weather. I did quite a lot of washing and got it out on the line. I haven’t done my shopping yet.

Yesterday the heating went on. It started to rain and has forgotten to stop. Rufus and I had a lovely walk in it last night and we saw a toad – at least I think it was a toad. I’ve never seen one before and it seemed to have two gnarled humps on its back.

It was sitting in the middle of the footpath having a good old shower, pretending to be a clump of wet grass, but once Rufus spotted it he wuffed quietly at it and it shifted. I held the dog at a good distance while I examined the toad in the dark – he was lovely – and then the dog was examining every other clump of grass or rubbish we passed in case that moved as well.

One day last week we saw a baby hedgehog on our walk. Initially it was as curious as me and I had a good look at that too – in the dark. But once Rufus spotted it, it curled up tightly into a ball, so we left it to it.

I love living where I live. 🙂

I asked my Tarot cards last night if I’d get some money this week. They said yes, but it might not be as much as I’d like. This morning two payments hit the account (one of which is the one I was alerted to last Thursday) and another is due tomorrow – this one is never late. Sadly, two of them are only small, but at least one is a decent one. The biggie is still MIA, however …

I really need to be more specific when I ask my Tarot things.  😉

Today then, it’s a very dark and rainy morning again. I’m going to get this book moved, do an hour of Teeline, and then get onto the next book, which is one of two jobs in progress that we’re signing off this week. This evening it’s Yoga.