Still busy

So yesterday I had all these great plans. I was going to finish one job, do an hour of study, and then crack on with the next job …

… only the first job took all day.

All. Day.

Eight solid hours I sat at the laptop doing those electronic amendments. Word really does have a mind of its own and sneaks in all sorts of weird and wonderful combinations. I didn’t break for lunch. I finished at about 5:30pm. And totally melted onto the settee. My back was in bits and I was starving hungry.

Today then, the plan (ahem) is to shift another job and do an hour of study … I’d like to do 2 hours of study, but if I do that I may not shift the job and if I shift the job I get tomorrow off.

Whoopee! A day off … to catch up with household chores, baking and shopping and the like. Lucky me. This is because I worked all weekend and didn’t have my usual chore time.

The daily comps and job board perusals are taking a back seat at the moment.

I have a good 3 – 4 weeks’ work already in with another novel to proof on the horizon and, if yesterday’s client is pleased, there may be more work from there. Plus I really, really want to get out and about to find some stories for the new regular gig that’s mine for the taking – and they pay well too. All of them.

So I’ll check the job boards when I get chance. The daily comps needs to get prioritised again, though. That’s been quite beneficial of late … famous last words …

That expected small payment hit the bank account this morning … and then one more than double the size went straight out. Sigh. The postman hasn’t been yet, but I know there’s a small cheque on the way. I mean, when they say “it’s in the post” it is, isn’t it?

Today we have squally showers. Areas of Barnsley have been on flood alert with some roads impassable overnight. Our village is getting the windy, squally stuff, so even though we’re getting a good drenching, the wind is blowing it dry in between showers. And the drains are (so far) holding out. In our village at least.

All animals are staying in at the moment, snuggled up nice and warm. I’m back in the living room on the comfy seat while I write this so the laptop’s on battery power and I don’t get tempted to waste time online. I’ll do some work downstairs and then take it upstairs when I have the electronic stuff to do – that’s much easier at the desk, but the hand work is easier on the settee. Like reading  a book with a pen behind the ear.

Right, work …


2 thoughts on “Still busy

  1. devonellington 25 September 2012 / 2:44 pm

    I’ve had a couple of those, lately, where it should have taken a couple of hours, and took the whole darned day.

    Enjoy your day off!


    • Diane 25 September 2012 / 5:41 pm

      I delivered the second job – I have tomorrow off! 🙂


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