A day of contemplation …

… aka navel gazing …

I enjoyed my day off yesterday and was almost totally idle. I had a guilt-free lie-in, got up to see to the animals and fetch the milk in, and went back to bed again. I was shattered.

When I finally got up I sat in the living room and did some serious thinking.

I have tons and tons of work in and I can usually get extra work in quite quickly, but I don’t have tons and tons of cash. I’ve had 4 payments this week, 3 of which have been quite small. I’m still owed loads. I need more money to come in a lot quicker and I don’t know what to do about that.

While I still cogitate on this matter, I decided to open an Ebay account. But first I had to go up in to the loft to see which goods have boxes. I hoped my Pentax camera boxes were up there, but I couldn’t find them. I did find my Lilliput Lane boxes, though.

I also found 2 big black bin liners filled with wool. I have enough wool to knit 9 jumpers – some already started – plus another bag of oddments for blanket squares, toys and other fundraising items.

Three books came down from the loft with me too, one on classic cakes, one on quilting for beginners and a wartime cookbook. I also found a few odds and sods of stationery – clear plastic folders, or jellies as I call them, and Sellotape, etc – numerous packets of pocket paper hankies, mini sewing kits and other junky things that I often buy and pay for when I already had loads up in the loft.

When I got down from the loft I was filthy. It’s a good size up there, I have boards underfoot and a new electric light that was put up when I had the bedroom done last year, but this is the first time I used it. There’s head room and it really could be put to more use – if ever I can afford it. But for now, it’s filthy.

And I was filthy. I felt really grubby so went to stand in the rain for a few minutes. Mucky pup.

Then I set about dusting things off and I went to Ebay to open that account but they charge for selling things. Only a nominal fee, granted, but at the moment a fee defeats the object. So I went to Preloved instead, which is free, and you can find my profile here. (I think.) If I have no joy there, I’ll contemplate putting them on Ebay as I have the account now.

I checked some prices and photographed some of my best cottages (i.e. those with boxes and deeds), but only managed to get 3 up for now, while I see how it goes. I’ve included a picture below, but this one isn’t up for sale on Preloved yet as it’s probably my most valuable single item.

I still have thinking to do, and I also have those bags of wool to think about too – perhaps an Etsy account? Today, though, it’s back to work.

Stargazer’s – limted Millennium Collection edition