I’ve been having a play with the blog but I had to rein myself in before I got too carried away, and so far I’ve just added the NaNoWriMo stuff to the sidebar. Had I not stopped myself, it would have a new layout and be in different colours by now – but I don’t have the TIME to do that at the moment.

That book I bragged about on Wednesday, Book in a Month, is brilliant. I love to work with worksheets but quite a lot of the books seem to take about 6 months or more just to complete the background material. This one, because it’s a book in 30 days one, is ace. Everything, even the worksheet planning, has to be done within that 30 days.

I’ve printed off the first week’s worksheets in colour, because my NaNo project is going to be FUN. I’m so impressed, however, that I’ve also run off a more serious full set, in b&w, for the current project, Catch the Rainbow. The Beast Within is in a funky binder too, but Rainbow is in a plain silver one.

I’m going to run them in tandem because one’s WORK and the other’s FUN – and than means 1,000 words a day on Rainbow and 1,670 words a day on Beast. (Am I mad?!) I’ve moved the word meters up the sidebar too so they feature more prominently (and I really must update that Rainbow one …).

Of course, while I work on these 2 novels, I’m also working on the first non-fiction once a week, We Also Served, but much of that is arranging, doing and transcribing interviews at first, and scanning in and cataloguing photographs.

AND I still have my editing and proof-reading “day job”.


It does mean the other stuff, the short stuff, is going to be on the back burner for at least NaNo-vember. If I find time and get the urge to do some, I will. But I won’t beat myself up if I don’t. I think I have enough to work on, thank you, plus all the admin that goes with it all.

Because I’ve been waiting for money for such a long time, I finally ordered replacement inks for both the all-in-one colour printer and the laser, but I was able to shop around and get brand new original products for both for less than £20 (apx $32). Pat on the back, that woman.

Running off the first week’s worksheets in colour last night just about finished off my cyan ink in the all-in-one, though, so I won’t be able to print the rest of the month until the ink arrives. I think there’s still loads of ink left in the laser, but I like to have a replacement in stock, just in case.

I’ve also been playing with book covers while I work on them, and for in the binders, and I’ve totally plagiarised the images from both album covers that the songs above come from. This is just for my use and just for the binders, I hasten to add, and I don’t think I should post them up here – although I *might* post them onto NaNo.

It’s been a busy week, again, working until 2am for 2 nights. Tonight I’m off to Bradford with a *small harem* of male friends for a Goth gig. Tomorrow will be chores and shopping. And Sunday I’m off to see my mom and dad. I’m toying with bringing my do diddle day forward to Monday, but the jury’s still out at the moment, depending on how I feel and how tired I am.

Have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Playtime

  1. Carol 13 October 2012 / 10:18 am

    You’re leaving me staggered as ever! have a good weekend


    • Diane 16 October 2012 / 1:27 am

      It wore me out. 🙂


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