Inadvertent Do Diddle Day

I had a bit of an unplanned day off yesterday. This was mostly due to working until 2am on two nights last week, then being out until 2am on a third night, and a 200-mile round trip on Sunday.

I had a great night on Friday. We were a bit worried about the traffic between Barnsley and Bradford, as just past Barnsley a lorry had hit a pedestrian (still haven’t worked out how) on the motorway and it was closed between junctions 37 and 38. By the time we hit the motorway, though, the carriageway was open again and traffic moving freely.

We got there in time to catch most of the first band’s set and all of the following two. Then, at the end of the night, one of the guitarists asked us to stay a short while longer as there was birthday cake. We didn’t need asking twice.

On Saturday, when I was doing my shopping, I was wandering around the supermarket yawning my head off. On Sunday I drove down to Birmingham to see my parents, and by the time I got back I was shattered.

I woke up Monday morning with all good intentions, but was glued to the bed. So I stayed there. I was so tired I slept for several more hours, finally getting up in the middle of the day.

I had 2 lovely cheques in the post (thank you, Cosmos), so nipped out to bank those, walked the dog on the way back, had a bacon and egg sandwich when I got in, and went back to bed! Where I slept for another 3 hours.


So this week’s 5-day week starts today and finishes on Saturday, only it’s a 6-day week really as I have something to go to on Sunday too.

Today, then, amongst other things, I’m editing the next historical fiction. And tomorrow. And Friday.

On Thursday I’m off to the Creative Crafts show in Leeds for which I won 2 tickets. This will therefore be a FREELANCING day where I’ll be networking. On Saturday I think I’m off to Eden Camp for a WE ALSO SERVED day (the National Service book). And Sunday is our first NANOWRIMO day – we’ll be plotting in Sheffield.

So, quite a busy week ahead. Maybe I needed yesterday to recharge.