It’s all go

Yesterday I was woken by a phone call. I’d just won two tickets to see Jesus Christ Superstar in Sheffield on Sunday. Wahey! I immediately texted my sister, who was at our parents’, to see if she wanted to come. She was coming to see Marillion a few weeks ago when I won tickets for there, but she got stuck in traffic. So ever since she’s had first refusal on concert/show tickets.

Like me, my sister’s quite busy, but she was free Sunday evening. So not only do I get a good night out, I get to go out with my sister too. Result. 😀

Then the postman came with another proof-reading job. Then a friend emailed me to see if I wanted another editing job. Then I got an email telling me I’d been selected to carry out another proof-reading job I’d quoted for a week or so ago. And then today another proof-reading job landed on my mat. Whoop-whoop!

I already had an editing job in and a scriptwriting job, but now I have 3 proof-reading jobs in too and another job in negotiation. I’m going to be busy – which makes Diane a very happy bunny.

Once I stopped spinning I drove up to Leeds for the Creative Crafts show, for which I’d already won tickets. It only took me 30 minutes to get there and parking was easy. I spent a good couple of hours mooching, but I didn’t buy anything. Either I’m a very reformed spendaholic or they didn’t have anything for me to justifiably spend any money on.

The show was mostly for cardmaking, beading and ribboncraft, and I’m a needlecrafts bird. But it was nice to have a wander, and a chat with some of the stallholders, so exercising the old interviewing skills. And it didn’t cost me anything beyond petrol and parking. It was a nice afternoon out.

Today I’ve been sorting out my work in progress, and I created a few more WIP folders – including an extra one for the proof-reading jobs as all my others are full, plus a few others for admin jobs like filing, invoices, shredding, etc.

Later I have an appointment and I’ll do the shopping on the way home. Then the decorator’s coming to see when he can fit my lounge in so I can tell the carpet fitters and the insurers.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to be going to Eden Camp for the National Service book. At the moment I’m feeling a tad weary and, of course, I’m now very busy. But this book has to be prioritised as well, so I’ll see how things go and probably will nip along for at least the parade and to maybe do some networking. (They’re having a Palestine Vets day tomorrow and the parade is at 1pm.)

I also have to do all of the regular household chores. And walk the dog …

On Sunday it’s the first of the NaNoWriMo local days, a plotting day in Sheffield. But I definitely don’t want to go all the way to Sheffield for four hours in the afternoon, and then go all the way back again by 7:30pm to pick up my show tickets from the box office. For one, it’s not fair to leave the animals twice in one day for so long. For another, I’m already feeling weary. So NaNo loses this weekend – but it doesn’t start until November anyway.

I’ve just told them I’m not going and, for penance, I now have to find a venue in Barnsley for a weekend write-in. That’s fine, I have about 4 weeks to find one.

And then Sunday evening I’m off to see my first musical in yonks, and my sister.

Have a great weekend.