Tim Minchin – Superstar

On Thursday morning I was woken by a phone call telling me I’d won two tickets to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield. I was delighted and immediately asked my sister if she wanted to come up for it.

Neither of us would have paid to see the show as we have less money than sense, but it was an opportunity to do something we normally couldn’t afford to do.

On Saturday two t-shirts arrived in the post, one each. So I wore mine to the gig and passed my sister’s to her in the car park. They’re nice t-shirts.

When we got to the Arena we discovered that we had Really Good seats, within feet of Lord Webber himself, and when we asked around we found we were in the £55 seats (apx $88). Then someone told us that the t-shirts were selling for £20 each ($32). This meant our total prize was worth £150 ($240).

Like, WOW.

And the show was absolutely brilliant. Tim Minchin, who I thought was a comedian, NAILED the role of Judas Iscariot, and I came away a total convert. I worried when I heard Chris Moyles was starring in my absolute favourite Herod scene, but he was fantastic, he looks so well now he’s lost so much weight, and I loved the male dancers at the front of the stage. The Herod scene still is, was and always will be my favourite scene.

The singing was excellent, the dancers were spot on, the musicians were perfect. The performance was … splendid. We loved it, and I loved Tim Minchin. And King Herod.

I won’t be doing any competitions today, I have too much work to do. But I’ll be back on the case tomorrow.

Someone once ridiculed me for entering the competitions, saying that she’d sooner have a life. Well, I’m having a life I wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, and it only takes 10 – 20 minutes per day. I’ve won £1,000 (apx $1,600), tickets to see Dancing on Ice, tickets to see Marillion, tickets to see Birmingham City v Barnsley FC, tickets to the Creative Craft Show, tickets to see Jesus Christ Superstar, t-shirts, DVDs, goodie bags, perfume …

In other news, I didn’t make it to Eden Camp on Saturday. This is mainly because I didn’t do the shopping on Friday due to the decorator coming around, so I had to do that on Saturday. I didn’t have time to do all of my chores and drive 90-odd minutes each way and risk getting stuck in traffic, although I did find out I could take the dog. So I’ll plan to have a proper visit with the dog when I’m less busy.

Today, then, I’m proof-reading a technical document … and that’s it. This is one of the many jobs I won last week.

It’s a dark and dismal day here in the Back of Beyond. We had fog yesterday but today it’s drizzling. I’m sat downstairs in front of the fire until I have to take my work up to the icy upstairs. Then I’ll put the heating on.

(Official Jesus Christ Superstar 2012 logo.)