Chim chiminey, Chim chiminey …

… Chim chim cher-ee …

I had another soot fall this week. Not as bad as the last one, but another one all the same. I’m having the room decorated shortly and a new carpet fitted, so I don’t really want any more soot falls once that’s all been done. So Monday I have a gas fitter coming at stupid o’clock in the morning to take the fire off the wall, a chimney sweep coming at 4pm, and the gas fitter bobbing by again on his way home to put the fire back. It’s going to cost me £40 for the gas fitter (apx $65), and £35 for the chimney sweep ($57).

Today I have to go and buy my replacement wallpaper, and paint if applicable, and I have to choose my carpet and book in the carpet fitters. While I’m out, running errands, I’m also dropping in at a solicitor regarding Nuisance Neighbour. I also have to pay for my road tax and my car insurance.

This weekend is going to be Very Expensive. I’d best crack on with some work to help pay for it all.

I’ve not meant to only post three times this week, but Tuesday and Thursday I deliberately stayed off the computer to clear some work, although Thursday I ended up going out to get my weekly shopping. I had every intention of logging on once I’d done my work for the day, but it was so late by then it was, well, too late.

Today, then, is errands and tomorrow I’ll be working. On Sunday I’m visiting the humans. On Monday I’m up with the larks … 😮

I’d best go dust off the cheque book … (gulp). Have a great weekend.