A GMT kinda gal

Friday I was out for much of the day in the end, and I disgraced myself by dripping runny egg all down my front whilst eating a bacon, egg and shroom sandwich outside B&Q as I contacted the decorator. Fortunately I keep some Wet Ones in the car and was able to clean myself down. I still felt very scruffy, though.

I chose my wallpaper, going for plain, paintable blown vinyl again as I didn’t see a single patterned paper I liked below £30 a roll (apx $48). The paint I had before has gone from being a regular vinyl emulsion (£19 per 2½ litres – $30) to being a “feature wall” special (£23 per 2½ litres – $37). But I like it that much and haven’t really had time to get bored of it yet, so I coughed up the difference.

Then I bobbed into town to drop off the material the solicitor needs, and on the way home I chose my carpet. At the last minute I decided to get my car washed while I was out, as it was growing green algae in places.

By the time I got home I was shattered and I had a chilled night in front of the telly.

On Saturday I was supposed to go to the NaNoWriMo South Yorkshire kick-off party, but I’d forgotten about it and with a run to Birmingham already planned for Sunday, I decided (when I remembered) that I needed the time at home. I did a pile of washing instead and baked 10 rustic brown bread rolls and a lime meringue pie.

My next DVD had come from LOVEFiLM, Lethal Weapon 3, so once I’d watched all the regular telly I tend to watch on a Saturday night, I finished the evening with a bit of Mel Gibson (and Danny Glover) and remembered to put the clocks back an hour.

Some time during Saturday evening I had a work request come in via email. I’ve had to put them off for a week or so, but I’m starting to wish I’d had the confidence to bid for work a lot sooner than I did. I also suspect my prices may be a little on the low side and I don’t want to undercut anyone, least of all me.

Sunday morning I popped some more laundry in and headed off to see my parents for the day – after I’d filled in nice lady neighbour on the latest developments with the other side. Traffic wasn’t great coming home. It was dark earlier and we had nasty drizzle, and it took me an extra 30 – 45 minutes.

This morning I was up with the larks. I really am a GMT kinda girl rather than a BST one (Greenwich Mean Time/British Summer Time), and it is easier to get up in the mornings, even though the days are shorter and darker now. And I had to be up to let the gas fitter in so that he can take the fire off the wall for the chimney sweep.

Rufus, bless him, when I got us all up looked at me as though I’d been kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a doppelganger  But it’s good practise for next Monday, when the decorator’s coming even earlier than the gas fitter.

Once the gas fitter’s gone I have my weekly walks report to do – even though I’m not able to join them on many walks they still let me know how many turned up for it or not – and the daily comps (I didn’t win anything at all last week …). Then I’m doing a couple of hours of prep work for NaNo (getting into the habit), and then I’m proof-reading for the rest of the day.

NaNoWriMo time will be slotted in to when I normally have study time. It’s only for one month and, hopefully, I should have the best part of a draft completed. I’ll also be working on CATCH THE RAINBOW.

I’ll have the dog to walk, then the chimney sweep will be here at 4pm. The gas fitter (who’s here now) says I have to ask them to do a smoke test because he thinks I may need a flue-liner … if I do, I may as well go the whole hog and get a new fire too, because I hate and detest the one I have. The gas fitter will drop in on his way home to put the fire back on the wall. He only lives in the next street – I walk past his house whenever I take Rufus for a walk in the farmers’ fields.

So, busy times ahead. I can’t let people coming to the house be the usual distraction, I just don’t have the time. I have work to do.