Giddy kipper

I can hardly believe how giddy I am at the thought of a fire in my office. I wouldn’t mind, but I’ve not even tried it out properly today as I’ve been working downstairs. I prefer to proof-read or manually edit sat in a comfy seat, as though I’m reading a book. It’s only when I need to do any typing that I retire to the office.

It’s 11pm and I just packaged up a book I’ve just finished proof-reading and the invoice. (Hurrah!) I also printed off another invoice and put that safely with the assessment job I’m soon to start. (Hurrah!) And, while I was at the laptop I thought I may as well take advantage and do today’s blog before tomorrow gets here.

I briefly tested the fire too, at least, and I’ve already had to lower it twice as it’s Too Warm. This is excellent news and bodes well for the coming winter.

The cats have just come in and I hadn’t realised we’ve had rain … or something wet that actually looks a bit thicker than rain. I don’t think I’ve missed snow, but we may have had some sleet.

It’s stopped now, though, whatever it was doing, which is just as well as I’m about to take Rufus for a ride into town to drop this package off. If I go at this time of night, there’s no traffic and I can park outside the office. He’s already had his walk for today, right after we banked a cheque (hurrah!), otherwise I’d park in the car park, free at this time of night, and walk him there instead.

His walk was a bit of an adventure and I attracted yet another loony. This one was a drunk with a vicious dog and the vicious dog kept escaping from him. So he suggested I drop Rufus home and come back and have a drink with him. Yeah, right. I had a quick chat with a friend of mine when I got home who lives in the same village and he recognised this bloke from my description. Sounds like I’m well out of it – NOT that there was any danger otherwise.

Tomorrow I carry on with the next editing job as I want to get that finished this week and invoiced. (Hurrah!) I had a new quick, short writing commission come in today that needs to be back by Monday, and I have the assessment to start.

The carpet fitters will be here in the afternoon so I need to get as much done before that particular distraction starts. But I’m looking forward to having a nice new carpet, no damp smell, and all of my furniture back in the room.


7 thoughts on “Giddy kipper

  1. Jackie Sayle (Brown) 8 November 2012 / 1:08 am

    Believe it or not, I have actually trawled the internet searching for a ‘nutter alarm’ for you. Even tried the word ‘loony/looney’. There doesn’t seem to be anything out there, so, since mace and tear gas are illegal, and a rape alarm would upset the dogs, I suggest you keep a can of hairspray or bodyspray handy in your pocket to squirt in their eyes should the need arise, especially if you are going to be driving off at 11pm to post


    • Diane 8 November 2012 / 12:34 pm

      I didn’t know mace was illegal …

      And I actually feel very safe driving to Barnsley at midnight. I often drive home from gigs then, after all.



  2. Jackie Sayle (Brown) 8 November 2012 / 1:09 am

    Failing that, you know where to put your knee!


    • Diane 8 November 2012 / 12:34 pm

      Oh yes.


  3. Carol 8 November 2012 / 8:19 am

    Good advice for you! Glad to hear you are excited about the fire! It doesn’t take much! :0)


    • Diane 8 November 2012 / 12:35 pm

      No … 🙂


  4. Jackie Sayle (Brown) 10 November 2012 / 1:40 am

    Both pepper spray and gas are illegal in the UK, but ‘Mace’ do make a spray goo that stains the face of your attacker. Like I said, hairspray, perfume sprays and the possession of a pair of knees is not illegal. Use any or all of them if you have to. Elbows are also legal, as are a bunch of keys.:-)


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