It’s not done with yet …

The carpet fitters who were coming “this afternoon” arrived at 11:55am and there was just one of him. But that’s ok, early is good and he’s doing a grand job down there at the moment. However …

… he peeled back the carpet underlay, and there the floor was wet. Again. Fresh water seeping through a crack in the floor.

So it’s been reported again to Yorkshire Water, and they’ve immediately passed it on to the drains company who, in the summer, did a very thorough check and conceded that it was out of their remit. Apparently someone noted that it was a private or a fresh water problem, but all of them forgot to tell me …

The carpet fitter’s going to put a mat-well in the doorway so we have rubber-backed bristly coir matting separated from the rest of the carpet with a trim. They have the matting in stock, but they have to order the trim. So I think he’s putting the carpet down now anyway and as soon as the trim comes in they’re going to cut out the mat-well.

Meanwhile I probably have to hold fire on repairing the step in case we have to dig down and repair/replace anything. The main stand pipe feeds the property right outside the front of the house but, while that was checked, I was told it wasn’t that.

It can’t be anything else. There’s nothing else there.


Anyway, I dropped my work off last night – and didn’t encounter any loonies or nutters – and this morning I’ve cleared some work already, including the gig list for this week. Now I’m also expecting the drains man and, of course, I have to walk the dog at some point.

Let’s see how much other work I get through before the end of the day …


2 thoughts on “It’s not done with yet …

  1. Carol 8 November 2012 / 6:13 pm

    Aaarggghhh – for you!


    • Diane 9 November 2012 / 6:23 pm

      And Grrrrrr …. x


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