Cooking on gas

Yesterday worked like a dream.

I had a really nice, steady, relaxed, productive day and managed to tick off every single item from my list. Mid afternoon I was hit by a sudden lethargy and had to have a power nap. So either I sleep in an extra hour in the morning and work through, or I get up early and break off for an hour mid-afternoon …

I had bellyache again last night, though, and I think it may be the painkillers causing that. Therefore I’m laying off those for a day or so, to see if there’s any difference. So either I have killer back pain or I feel sick …

There has to be a middle ground for both. I’m still looking for it/them … Unless it’s middle/old age …?

Today is more of the same with some of the daily things already ticked off (daily comps, job boards, blog – shortly). I’m doing next week’s diary – it’s pencilled in for up to a month in advance but I decide what I’m actually doing the Thursday before – and then it’s back to the current editing job.

Later this afternoon I’m hoping I’ll have a cheque or two to bank (postman hasn’t been yet), I have to walk the dog, and I have to vote for something or other I have no idea about – something to do with a new police commissioner, for which I should have allegedly received an explanation booklet … I didn’t …

I’m settling back into a nice routine. If I work upstairs I have the fire to turn on if it gets chilly, and if I work downstairs, the lounge feels a lot more muffled and a bit cosier. That new carpet must have insulated it a little. Yesterday afternoon I paused for a moment to listen to the silence. It was very peaceful.

So, morning break now – TICK.