My achey, breaky back

Thanks for all the lovely messages yesterday, on here, on FB and via email. In the end I had a blooming good day. It started at 7am and by 10am I’d done all of the online daily chores – blog, daily comps, job boards. This gave me a full 2 hours to indulge myself in my course book and already there’s a massive difference.

I started the new Back to Basics thing on Monday and managed to write 506 words. Yesterday I wrote 1,221 words and 2 haikus. I was so pleased with this output that I started a new word counter in the side bar. So far, after only 2 days, I’ve totalled 1,727 words. That’s more than one NaNo day. So far.

I’m not one for writing exercises for exercise sake. I like an exercise to earn its keep and possibly be worth something one day. Any exercises that don’t fulfil this want are glanced over and given scant attention – such as the haikus and other poems or the description of a leaf, for example.

Once I got going on the creative ones, though, I was thinking ooh, this would make a nice character or what a cracking sub-plot this would be. It reminded me of how prolific I used to be when I was writing stories that *I* wanted to write rather than for the market. I’d churn out thousands and thousands of words and then find a magazine that might suit the story. If the story didn’t suit any market 100%, at least I had something to tweak.

So that’s what I’m doing again. Some of the stories are feeling a bit dark, though, so I may look for anthologies or competitions for those.

When I was up in the loft a few weeks ago I stumbled upon an archive box filled with stationery, and inside that box were several multi-packs of Winnie the Pooh exercise books. I love notebooks, I love Paperchase notebooks. But the OCD loves a nice clean book to start work in … and I have so many suffering from the same ailment as everything else (started but not finished) that the exercise books are ideal.

They’re only 30 pages, so not as much of a waste as if I started a full, A5, perfect bound notebook, and I have lots of clean ones to start to keep the OCD happy if this Back to Basics thing also falls by the wayside. I’m averaging 200 words per page, though, so should easily and quickly fill the books with 6,000 words each the way I’m currently going.

So far, though, I’m enjoying myself again and not beating myself up so much.

For the rest of the day, after the usual daily stuff and my 2 hours of me-time, I finished editing a book and got that uploaded and invoiced (hurrah!).

Following yesterday’s early start, I slept in this morning, so I’m about an hour behind. I’m determined to do my 2 hours writing/study first though, although I do do the online stuff first as that’s better while my eyes wake up. This means I’ve already done the daily comps, checked the job boards, updated the gig list and – shortly – written the blog.

The rest of my work today will be downstairs on the comfy seats. That’s where I like to do my reading/study/longhand writing and it’s where I’ll be proof-reading the next book.

Yesterday I picked the dog up and felt my back go. He’s quite low down on the floor and I was in the wrong position to pick up a quite heavy dog. He’s afraid of heights, so if I want him to come downstairs, I have to carry him as my staircase is too steep for his short legs and long body. It’s good to send him UPSTAIRS! if he’s playing up because he can get there but he can’t get back, and he now understands UPSTAIRS!  as a discipline.

But my back went. It didn’t pop and it didn’t crack, both of which I assumed was good. I could still lie down, sit down, stand and walk, but the transitional bits in between or the leaning down to switch on a plug socket or something were agony. It meant a short walk for him last night to the letterbox, and it meant me panicking that I’d have this problem for a few days.

This morning, after a good sleep (did I mention I slept in?) in a warm bed in the same position my back’s fine, and even the arthritis is easier today, and it’s pouring with rain so I thought it might be more achey than usual. I can’t wait for my Yoga book to come. My back is obviously in desperate need of some strengthening.

Right, there’s another tick in the diary and another 840 words or so in the log (not the B2B log but the daily log). I’d best mosey on down to the comfy seats and do some work.


2 thoughts on “My achey, breaky back

  1. Carol Warham 21 November 2012 / 4:26 pm

    Sounding much better! Hope the back sorts itself out. x


    • Diane 21 November 2012 / 11:41 pm

      Thank you – I felt a bit more cheerful today too.


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