Easing back in

I had a lovely, long, leisurely weekend.

Because the blog is fast approaching 2,000 posts (not there yet, mind) I thought it might be nice to mark the occasion with a competition or a giveaway. But aside from Night Crawler or Twee Tales, I don’t have anything else much to give away.

So I thought I’d trawl through the archives and maybe collate all of the writerly posts together in one place. And that’s what I did on Saturday … or I started to. By the end of Saturday I’d only reached the end of March 2005, it was taking quite a long time, and I was starting to suspect it would be quite a hefty tome, or a big job at least.

So I decided to do just the first year and, if that went down well, I’d do however many more for however many more posts I have with any substance. Before long I realised I might have enough material for one on travel bits too, but I shelved that idea for now.

While I was thinking about it, I also considered Twee Tales Two. It looks as though I have about six stories already for that with another two drafted. I only need twelve. I can be sending the existing six or eight off to earn their keep while I work on the remaining four.

I also thought about putting together a 2013 calendar of some of my favourite photographs (of my own), and I created two. They both have the same pictures inside, but one has a larger cover and no spiral middle, and the other is smaller with the spirals.

Because the blog collection was clearly going to take a long time – and I also need to go through to edit and design the layout correctly too, for both paperback and ebook (I don’t think I’ll make a hardback until I have an omnibus) (hark at her – an omnibus!) – I thought I might offer one of the calendars instead as a prize. But with shipping, tax and massive production costs the price of that would be just too prohibitive for me at the moment. So sorry about that, folks.

I’ve put together four collections of photographs, but this first one is a mixed collections of scenic, wildlife and abstract. The small one is available here for £10.99 (apx $18) plus tax plus p&p; the large one is available here for £15.99 ($26) plus tax plus p&p. Both are in the UK format, starting Monday and with the UK holidays; both have previews available on Lulu.

This is how expensive these calendars are to make: I will make 80p for each one sold ($1), less tax. The rest is production costs. But at least take a look, I think they’re quite nice.

On Sunday I went to visit the parents and they wore Rufus out and he wore them out. I got stuck in flood traffic on the way down, and stuck in accident traffic on the way back. I was shattered by the time I got home – and I got home to find my living room flooded again. But at least I can see where it’s coming from now, with the new mat well in. I hope the matting doesn’t stain forever …

Yesterday, in case anybody didn’t notice, was my day off. I had quite a lazy start, but then I ended up faffing with the calendars and the new book. I did finalise both calendars, but the book is only as far as April … I also installed some new software, or upgraded, and have been familiarising myself with the changes.

Busy, but leisurely.

There’s a new word meter in the sidebar for the project, but if you can’t see it I think it’ll be because Writertopia is struggling beneath the NaNoWriMo pressure, as it’s the end of the month.

Today has been mostly spent designing the cover. I think we’re about twelve posts away from the magical 2,000 and I have to get it collated, edited, designed, submitted, ordered, proof-read and any corrections made so that it’s ready to go off when the competition ends.

I also have the next Big Job to start and another small job to finish, I have my study to do, and I need to get some shopping as I didn’t do that at the weekend. I also have to walk the dog. And I have to do all the daily stuff too …

Right, I’d best step away from the computer and go do some work!


3 thoughts on “Easing back in

  1. Carol Warham 27 November 2012 / 3:47 pm

    Leisurely and productive at the same time. You’ve come up with some really good ideas there, good luck with them. Make sure you ignore any awkward comments and anyone sticking their two-pennyworth in! :0)


    • Diane 27 November 2012 / 3:55 pm

      It’s just a quick souvenir thing to say thank you to all the readers. If I wanted it to be commercial, I’d hire a designer now, I think, and let them make the ideas and decisions.


  2. Carol Warham 27 November 2012 / 6:10 pm

    It’s just occurred to me I ought to be more specific! I mean anyone who is awkward with the initials CW…now who could that be, I wonder?


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