Next! Environmental Health …

I didn’t get very much done yesterday.

To be honest I was a bit narked about the phone company but, give them their due, in the middle of the afternoon I suddenly started to get a rash of text messages through, which suggested they’d fixed the fault. But it also suggested it wasn’t a planned outage at all but an unexpected one. If this is the case, they need to properly brief their customer service team.

I made a start on my study work and wrote for my allotted time, but then I had a visitor (and here is his “ace” on this particular blog!) and I never got back to work after he went. All of the regular daily stuff was done but I didn’t even make over the doorstep, not even to take the dog. It was too blooming cold and I was too blooming idle.

This morning I’ve had the environmental health here about the water in my lounge.

Yorkshire Water have completed their investigations and can find nothing to cause it. So EH are going to test one of the rainwater downpipes that’s sunk beneath the footpath to see if there’s a break or a blockage causing storm water to spread underground and come out at the first possible opening.

They’ll make sure there’s no blockage first, then they’ll put some dye down and take it from there.

There’s still lots of stuff to do today, but again I’ve done all of the daily chores. However, the weekend is almost here and I’ve got that Friday feeling because for the first time in ages I’m going out tomorrow night and I’m spoiled for choice where to go. I might go out to say happy birthday to a friend, or I may do a tour. I’ll see how I feel.

If the weather’s going to stay crispy and frosty, I also want to do a proper walk. The recent mud up to the knees has been putting me off going anywhere. Sausage dogs are quite close to the ground and apart from Rufus getting a wet and mucky undercarriage, there are also the health issues that go with a low-slung chest cavity.

Have a great weekend – I can’t believe it’s December tomorrow already …