Very, really bad mood

I’m not a happy bunny today.

Wages due on 16 November, 21 November and 30 November that were already late and promised “early this week” failed to arrive and have now been promised again “tomorrow”. This isn’t acceptable. I can’t afford to work that way. I’m not delivering the next job until they’ve paid for the last job.

Call me old fashioned, but I have struggled so hard with my finances I do NOT want to end up back in the same place due to other people’s incompetence, laziness, dishonesty, whatever they want to call it. If I have cashflow problems, I don’t hire the work; if they have cashflow problems, they shouldn’t hire me. End of.

I’ve upped my game on the job boards and, as they pay immediately, when and if any come in, they’re going to get priority from now on. I’ve paid a membership so I can bid for extra jobs, I’ve just recalculated the cost of each job taking membership and conversion/admin fees into account.

The sad thing is I love the work and the team I work for are great. But, as ever, the finance department have to ruin it for everyone. Well, I’m going elsewhere now. They’re not upholding their side of the bargain when I went self-employed and received a grant from the government.

I wish I could afford to work for free, but I can’t. And even if I could afford to work for free I wouldn’t because that would mean stealing the cookies from another freelance’s table. And I won’t do that either.

Speaking of which, another big magazine today revealed that they’re looking for short stories, which is great … until you find out they’re asking their readers for contributions, for which they will be paid … Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Oh, but they might win a Kobo.

This isn’t just the short story writers they’re undervaluing, undermining and disrespecting. Those fiction pages would currently be provided by a feature writer, and that feature writer will no longer have that outlet. So not only is the short story writer getting nothing but the feature writer is losing too.

It sucks and I’m not even going there now I’m so mad.

It’s been a very, madly, really, grumpy bad mood day – apart from one silver lining. I sold another 100-word filler – for more than some magazines pay for a 2,000-word short story. But I won’t see that money until February.

I’ll try not to spend it all at once.