So today I get some of the promised money but not all of it, not by a long chalk. I’ve drafted up a late payment charge invoice, but am umming and ahhing about sending it.

I have an appointment tomorrow at the job centre to see if I can get any help on weeks when I’m waiting for money and/or work. I applied online and it took about an hour to do so, and I had to list all of the outstanding money due to me to date. I have to take evidence of this with me to my appointment, so I may take the late payment charge invoice with me to see what they say. I think they’ll also want to investigate why promised regular work has so far failed to materialise.

It’s bitter cold here in Baggins Bottom. Snow is creeping up the country, and it’s creeping down the country. But it doesn’t seem to be meeting anywhere in the middle. Snow is insulating, which is why I think we say it’s too cold to snow. But it really is bitter cold here at the moment. I’m waiting to see if it starts to snow before taking the dog for his walk – I’d love to walk him while snow’s falling and will only kick myself if I go before it starts.

I’ve had a few enquiries about jobs I’ve quoted for, so that’s promising. But I think I may also use this time to get some writing done that’s likely to sell, fillers or (this) reader’s true experiences, for example. I might have a bash at a few queries, see if I still have the knack. And I can feel a brand new short story brewing too. The study work has helped exercise that particular writing muscle.

I still have over 50 short stories out there across the globe being considered. Two have been rejected, both reprints, but both magazines still have at least another story each. I’ve had lots acknowledged too, so I know they’ve reached their destination.

It’s still not snowing yet, so it looks as though it’s just a wrap-up-warm walk for me and the dog.