Busy day

I was the first one to wake up this morning, which was a shock. Particularly as it was already 9am and we’d ALL slept in. It made me bounce to the window to see if there was a layer of white stuff. Alas, I just have lazy pets, or they were last night. It’s rare I’m the first one up but Holly did follow me by a cat’s whisker. Then Domino. And finally Rufus, who didn’t even want to go outside when we went downstairs.

There’s a lot to get through today, too. I didn’t need to sleep in.

I’ve already scoured the job boards and bid for seven jobs, including five with one company just “oop road a bit”. This is a publisher that’s clearly looking for regular contractors and if I can just get the price right I might be lucky.

I also had to sort out loads of paperwork for my appointment this afternoon. I’ve had to collate evidence of all the work I’ve applied for.  I’ve also gathered the evidence of money still owed, which was added to this week with the filler, and anything else I think they might need,.

When I get back I have to get a search party out for the dog’s vaccination card and then we walk to the vets for the second half of his jabs – because he’s still only a pup (toddler) he needed his booster a lot sooner than adult dogs do, so it had expired and I had to start again.

We have a 6% chance of snow today … but while the sky does look wintry, I shan’t hold my breath.