I’m starting to get a bit jaded at the rates some people are prepared to pay for work and I often wonder if they would do their own jobs for what they think others are worth.

I’m actually feeling guilty because I’ve withdrawn a bid for the first time ever. I’m not feeling guilty for withdrawing it – I know my own worth. I’m feeling guilty because I snappily reported that the reason for the withdrawal was “Client doesn’t want to pay the national minimum wage, let alone the minimum rate for the job. Contractor would earn more on benefits.”

Ah well, I suppose he touched a nerve by telling me the writing was near-perfect in a message that was full of spelling errors and shoddy grammar. And that was before he asked me to drop my quote to what he already thought of as the bare minimum. He obviously has little respect for his own worth and work.

Anyway, I’m going to step away from this now or it might turn into another rant, and we’ve had enough of those recently.

Yesterday’s meeting was very positive and productive – and also how I know I’d be better off on benefits rather than take poorly-paid jobs. I’m back in the system, which isn’t great news but it will help during the leaner times – and something I’ve insured myself for with 30 years-worth of contributions. I’m still self-employed and I’ll still find my own work, but when people let me down, there’s help available.

Rufus was good as gold at the vets again. He has slightly mucky eyes and now has ointment for those, but apart from that he’s in fine fettle. I couldn’t find his vaccination card, but as he’s never likely to go into kennels, it’s not really essential.

Our 6% chance of snow has increased to 40%, so my nose will be pressed against the window looking for it. We had a lot of rain yesterday evening and overnight, and today it’s bitterly cold again, so no doubt there will be ice everywhere at least. The closer we get to Christmas, the more likely snow seems, but I bet by then it will have moved into the New Year anyway, if it hasn’t disappeared entirely.

Today I’m working on Baggins Bottom Best Bits, as well as the usual daily stuff. Nothing planned for the weekend, but weather permitting we should be visiting on Sunday.

Have a great weekend.