Late start

This morning I got up to let one of the cats out, climbed back into bed for a quick warm, and woke up three hours later. This meant a really late start, but I’ll still do 8 hours, even if it means working into the evening.

Yesterday, as I promised myself, I updated the diary and have a workable schedule for the rest of the week.

So far this afternoon, then, I’ve registered the domain name for the new website, paid for privacy (with my address details), and paid for and applied it to the website so that there are no ads and extra storage.

I’ve also cruised the job boards and submitted a bid for another job, I’ve done the daily competitions, and I’ve updated the gig list. Very shortly I will have also updated the blog.

When I’ve had a quick sandwich, I’ll crack on with some proof-reading work, and then I’ll walk the dog. The frost and ice haven’t lifted again today, so the walk will be interesting.

And that’s it for today. It’s nice to be back in a routine.