I was beating myself up about being so tired and sleeping in so often when a friend reminded me of my 5am finish Monday morning. I do keep forgetting that, and it does seem to have knocked my body clock out this week, but I do seem to have caught up all but an hour again now. Tomorrow I’ll be up in time for the weekend.

It’s blooming chilly out. The frost hasn’t lifted all week and the ice on our corner is getting worse. My car has a lovely thick coat over it and it’s a shame to disturb it, but I may do just to make sure the battery isn’t going flat. I’m off out to Sheffield Sunday evening and I don’t want my car refusing to start.

If I catch up a bit more today, and I’m doing okay so far, I may pop out and get some shopping. I don’t know if this cold snap is here to stay a while or if it’s going to be dark, dank and dismal again by the end of the week, but in case it’s the former I want to have a kitchen full of provisions. I wasn’t a girl guide for nothing.

I’ve done all of the daily stuff already and only have the diary to do for next week, then I’m back into study and work mode and I’ll be spending the rest of the day (when not shopping) in the lounge on the comfy seats.

There’s proof-reading and editing to do and a dog to walk. It’s nice weather for a dog walk. 🙂