2,000 posts competition!

cover blue jpeg Welcome to the 2,000th post from Baggins Bottom – and thank you to everyone for reading, especially those who have been here since the beginning and those who came and stayed.

To celebrate this minor milestone, I’ve decided to issue a collection of best bits from Baggins Bottom, but when I started, I realised it was going to be quite a mammoth task. So I’m just collating the best writerly bits from the very first year for now, and once the book is published, the posts will be taken down from public viewing.

It’s been a rocky road from that very first tentative post back in 2005 and I never realised I’d still be here 8 years later, particularly when I was so sceptical about the whole thing. But I am, and so are you, so I must be doing something right. I also have over 1,000 followers now, which is surprising when you consider how few actually drop by and say anything.

As another celebration of 2,000 posts, I’m giving away one copy of Tales From Baggins Bottom, best bits book one. All you have to do is leave a comment, say hello, stop lurking.

In two weeks time, on the last day of 2012, all the names will be put into a hat and I’ll get Rufus to choose.

So, what are you waiting for? Say hello. That’s all you have to do.