I’ve had a busy and horrendous week and this is why the blog has been neglected slightly – well, that and wanting to keep the competition at the top for a few days.

So, what’s been happening since last week?

Well, the weather’s been up and down, mostly down and chilly. At the moment it’s mostly wet too, and has been for nearly 20 hours. BUT …

Last night I did a bodge job on the front door to keep the rain out, and I think I found the problem: approximately 2cm (¾”) of silicone sealant has been eroded away in the bottom corner of the door frame, where the frame meets the step and the stone wall. I scraped away some sandstone dust that had accumulated and there was this hole, lurking behind the dust.  I’d got some expanding foam to squirt in the gap beneath the doorstep, but as soon as I saw this gap I had an aha! moment.

The gap is now sealed again, along with the entire join along the step and the wall and so far – so far – after 20 hours of persistent rain, it seems to have done the trick. As I write I have NO RAIN in my living room. This is a good omen. I hope.

I still need to have the doorframe ripped out, insulated, re-sealed and put back, and I still need drainage holes drilling in the gutter/tray thing in the bottom of the plastic frame. I also need a proper job doing under the step as my attempt resulted in excess foam oozing out all over the public footpath and I had to hack away at that with a knife once it had set. But for now, if it keeps the rain out, it will do.

We’ve also had freezing fog that has lingered for days and we’ve had treacherous black ice underfoot causing all sorts of problems. If the temperature drops again on top of all of this rain we’re having, we’ll have the black ice thing again.

So there’s the weather report. What else …?

Ah yes, I went out on Sunday night, to a place I’ve never been to before (The Plug, Sheffield) to see a band I’ve never seen before (The Saw Doctors) with a chap I’ve never been out with before (mind your own business!), and we had a great time. Or I did at any rate. It was a fun night out with much Irish jigging. I enjoyed the band, I enjoyed being anonymous, and I enjoyed the company. Win win win for me. 🙂

I’ve been working at lots of things this week, mostly finding more work for the new year but also chasing up and sorting out money issues. That’s been the horrendous part, but I think it’s all sorted now. For now.

Today I have a new book in to proof-read on top of some electronic edits I have to do. I also have in two more books to proof-read and one to edit, with another on the way. On Wednesday evening I received my first invite to bid for a job, I was the only person to bid who’d received the invite (out of about 12), and I won the job. I’m hoping that’s another good omen.

I’d best crack on with that work. Meanwhile, don’t forget the competition.