Happy Christmas!

Today is my last day at work for just over a week.

I often take Christmas week off and I always return after the new year. When I *worked for a living* I’d often take two weeks off. But I can’t afford to do that when I’m self-employed. As it is I have a pile of work to do that I will no doubt dip into at some point. But the intention is there to take some time out.

Hopefully I’ll be able to drive down to see my family on the Santa run, but if the weather’s bad I’ll stay here and go when it’s better, which could be as late as New Year’s Day. I’ve done that before when one of us has been poorly, and I’ll do it again if necessary.

And if I can’t get down I have an invite for Christmas dinner across the road. They invite me every year knowing how far away I am from everyone – and they’re the ones who dragged me out of bed last New Year’s Eve when I’d spent the whole holiday except for Christmas Day working.

I’ll arrange a review of the year to post on 31 December, and goals for the coming year to post on 1 January. And Rufus and I will do the competition draw. But other than that … I’ll see you on the other side.

Enjoy Domino in one of my favourite pictures of her. She’s covered with snow from the Christmas tree, which hasn’t actually gone up this year but I love the picture anyway.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and a safe and cheerful New Year.