Leeds write-in

Yes, I’m slowly getting there, getting organised, ticking things off the list, getting “out there” again.

Yesterday I pitched for 2 article writing jobs, and both were picked up immediately. I’ve also been given the go ahead to sketch out a few more. I need to do some more research still, and I need to frame the ideas in a more structured manner. But, generally, I have the material and I have the market. All I need to do is adhere the bum to that seat.

I had another restless night last night that resulted in another late morning. I think the dreamcatcher definitely needs to go up over my bed instead of over the spare bed, or I need to move into the spare bed for the foreseeable future. Also, the articles I’ve been collating material for have been on the occult, spooky happenings, weird experiences, and I think they’re playing on my mind a bit.

The late start means I’ve not been able to do as much as I wanted to today, and then I had to deal with some potentially sensitive correspondence whilst keeping my client in the loop. I have an appointment at 4pm too, or it might be 4:15pm (note to self: check diary …), so the day is broken up and I have to walk the dog yet as well.

Tomorrow I’m off to Leeds. The Leeds NaNoWriMo crew are having a write-in and I was invited to go along. Some will be working on last year’s NaNo, others will be working on other projects. The idea is just to have a write-in and churn out some words. I was also asked to fetch cookies, which rather makes me question my invite in the first place (ha ha ha), but I don’t think I’ll have time to make any. The train fare is going to cost me as it is so I need to try and clear some paid work to help pay for it.

We’re starting at 1pm and my buddy’s meeting me at the station about 10 minutes before then. The longest I can stay is 3 hours, because I have to get back to the dog and the travel time will eat into my time away.

I’ve decided to take the short projects – that’s the WIP notebook, the outline/planning notebook, the 1st draft notebook and the A4 2nd draft notebook. I shan’t take the writing bag, though, as it has everything in so is quite heavy and I’ll be spoiled for choice. I don’t want to waste time wondering what to work on first/next.

On Sunday we’re off to see the parents as we didn’t make it last week.

In between I’ll do some proof-reading, and may take a proof-reading job with me to Leeds as well in case I run out of steam.

Have a great weekend.