Crazy sky

skyThere you go, bet you thought it’d be just another “SNOW” title, eh? Well, we have had some – or we did. It’s gone now. However, I just had to bore everyone instead with this sky picture.

The weekend was great. I made it to my appointment on Friday (it was 4:30pm – good job I checked) and treated myself to fish and chips on the way home, which I enjoyed in front of the telly. I even manged to take the dog for his walk before I went out so when I got home I was in for the night.

On Saturday I headed up to Leeds by train to meet those lovely NaNo writers who had invited me to join them. I stayed for 3 hours and sorted out a pile of work, mostly the WIP book, decided on an order of WIP and wrote a brand new outline from scratch that I thought I’d already written. I made some new friends and hope to go back next Saturday.

On Sunday, with one eye on the weather and one eye on the roads, I headed off down to Birmingham to see my parents. I managed good time with little traffic, and when the sky started to “close in” I started to head back, for another really good run. I did quite well too. I was ahead of a freezing fog, apparently, and the snow finally hit Baggins Bottom at about 8:30pm, three hours after I did.

Today has been a bit of a mish-mash of work. I’ve been busy all day but don’t seem to know how or why or what with, but I know I’ve been busy so that’s okay. No doubt I’ll remember at some point – I’ve been on the phone a lot and communicating by email and it’s all been work. So I must have been busy doing something.

I still have loads to do and lots to catch up with, so enjoy the crazy sky I experienced on my way home from Mom’s and Dad’s (taken by my passenger, naturally …).