I remembered …

blog thumbnailFirst of all, for the time being I’m including a thumbnail of the blog on every post that doesn’t have another pic because the links are putting up thumbnails of me instead when there isn’t another pic. Please indulge me in this, as I hate to see my mug everywhere. Thank you! 🙂

Secondly, I remembered what I’d been up to yesterday.

I baked a loaf. Granted, it was in the bread machine as I had other stuff to do, but first job yesterday was to chuck in all the ingredients and send it on its merry way. I also put a few washloads through, hung some on the clothes horse and put some though the dryer.

There were several phone calls, personal and business, and quite a few business emails to deal with. I caught up on a few days’ worth of writing and was invited to bid on a ghostwriting job that I quite fancy. It’s only a little job, but there are several of them. And I wrote the first walks report of the new year, remembering to attach a photograph and the latest walks programme. This goes out to 6 local newspapers and over Christmas we had quite a few spreads and the photograph I sent then was used too.

I also watched the snow fall, while we had it. I sat working in the living room with the kitchen door open where I could see the back window and the front window. It was lovely. But it soon stopped and what we had melted quickly.

Today I was up on time – probably for the first time this year – and it’s been snowing ever since. Nothing to write home about, but still lovely to watch all the same … and quite distracting. I have to move to where I can’t see a window without straining my neck if I want to finish any work today.

I’ve had a quick shufty at the job boards, but nothing much grabs me by the throat today. And I’ve responded to a further information request for the job I was invited to bid on yesterday. She wondered if I had any samples so I sent her one that I hope was pertinent.

I’m off out at about 2pm for a 2:30pm appointment, so I want to get as much as I can done before then, including possibly the dog walk. He’s so much better when I leave him at home if he’s already had his walk, and with this snow I don’t know how long it’ll take me to get back again.

When I do get home, I have more proof-reading to do.