Where’d the week go?

Bblog thumbnaillimey, what happened to the week?

Well, for a start, I got my head right down and cleared some work. I worked solidly until about 7pm last night, actually, proof-reading, proof-reading, proof-reading. And I still have some to do. But there’s only so many different ways I can think of saying “proof-read another book today …”, and as that’s pretty much all I did, well, I think you get my point.

The dog also got walked, I also went to town, I also did shopping.

And the big news of the week?

Nope, wasn’t snow, although we did get quite a bit of that all over the country. No, on Friday morning, in the midst of all of that proof-reading, my lovely, lovely postie brought me 4 copies of my new large print book, Night Crawler.

To say I was over the moon is the understatement of the year. I’ve had loads of things published with my name on over the years, including books. But this is the first time ever that someone else has loved my book enough to publish it for me.

It took me 16 years to sell that book and when my box of comp copies finally arrived, I could have wept.

For a sneak preview, bob along to my buy my books page and follow the link – it’s the first one there. It’s not available until 1 February, though, and it’s very expensive – as it’s the large print version – but I’ve already found a copy for sale with 25% discount here at the Book Depository, where they’re taking pre-orders. As this is the libraries version, though, it would just be better for everyone to just borrow a copy of it along with all of their other library books, like every week (nobody has to read it and it doesn’t cost anything), and then next January I might just get my first ever plr.

In other news, we did, as I say, indeed get snow. It was forecast to hit the country Friday morning but it arrived in Baggins Bottom on Thursday, just to be awkward. By Friday morning it had already started to melt. It carried on coming, however, and it carried on sticking, and so I wimped out and stayed indoors this weekend. It’s thawing again now, but we still have some forecast for later today and again tomorrow.

Normal service should resume tomorrow. Meanwhile, back to proof-reading …