January review (list alert)

blog thumbnailIt’s been a busy week and today is the first time since Monday I’ve fired up the pc again. I meant to come on yesterday, but the day just disappeared beneath a pile of work. It’s been another week of proof-reading, and still is.

But I’ve also managed to do quite a lot of bitty things in between that usually get left, like empty the recycle bins or take the rubbish out or empty the washing basket (and, thus, fill up the ironing basket … ah well).

So, with such big expectations at the start of the year, how am I doing so far?

January started quite well, but I need to do a proper to-do list on a month-by-month basis. I was busy or suffering for most of the month, or wasting time gazing at the lovely snow. I’ve updated the blog, proof-read or edited 5 books, been to 2 gigs (including one birthday party), submitted 2 walks reports, and attended one write-in.

I’ve repaired a bird table, had 2 appointments in town, been to Birmingham twice and had a Do Diddle Day.

Apart from a few outlines and tidying up the WIP book, I’ve done NO writing.

Here’s the tick (or not) list:


  1. Surf job boards daily (x 2) 
  2. Bid for at least one job per day 
  3. Allocate 2 hours every work day to WRITING 
  4. Free-write for first 15 minutes of each writing session 
  5. Write walks report for local papers weekly √ and ×
  6. Draft walks reports for longer walks for possible submission to walking mag(s)  ×
  7. Write 2 novels at least to 1st draft by year end (ongoing)
  8. Write 1st three stories of themed 14-story anthology by year end (4,000 words each) (ongoing)
  9. Write 1 story per month for fave story market ×
  10. Write enough stories suitable for Twee Tales Two – 6 more – by year end (ongoing)
  11. Write 1 filler or reader’s letter per month ×
  12. Write 1 article or RTE (reader’s true experience) per month ×
  13. Complete interviews for non-fiction #1 by end of March (ongoing)
  14. Write non-fiction #1 by end of June (ongoing)
  15. Try and win at least 1 book per week to edit or proof-read √ and ×
  16. Write at least 1,000 words per day across all writing projects 


  1. Enter daily competitions daily 
  2. Walk dog daily – 30 minutes minimum weekdays; 1 hour minimum weekends and holidays 
  3. Update gig list weekly 
  4. Update diary weekly (FAVE activity) 
  5. Raise invoices weekly 
  6. Filing daily ×
  7. Shredding daily ×
  8. Bake weekly ×
  9. Visit parents fortnightly 
  10. Increase morning yoga to 30 minutes daily ×
  11. Build up to 2 high-energy workouts per week ×
  12. Drop at least a dress size by end of June (ongoing)
  13. Stop eating junk regularly √ and ×
  14. Walk 1 < 5-mile walk per month ×
  15. Ensure I always do diddley squat on my monthly do diddle day 
  16. Save up for a holidays and days out … 😉 ×


  1. Attend Leeds write-in at least once a fortnight √ and ×

Hmm, still needs work. Watch this space.