February targets (list alert)

Last week I was very, very busy.

Friday was spent mostly trying to make sense of February – bidding for any extra work I think I may need, agreeing to new jobs from existing clients, planning properly so the workload – and the income – is spread out more evenly, and making sure I make time for my work as well as everybody else’s, although everybody else’s pays the bills (mine will and should eventually).

Saturday I went along to another write-in in Leeds and I wrote over 1,200 words, which included the first draft of a short story and an outline for a new filler.

Sunday was spent weeding out work I don’t want – ie work that doesn’t pay enough or that would take me too long to make it worthwhile – and coming up with a to do list for February …

… and here it is …


  1. Allocate 2 hours every day to WRITING
  2. Write walks report for local papers weekly
  3. Write and submit 1 story for fave story market
  4. Write and submit 1 filler or reader’s letter
  5. Write and submit 1 article or RTE (reader’s true experience)
  6. Arrange interviews for non-fiction #1
  7. Revise book proposal for non-fiction #1
  8. Write at least 1,000 words per day across all writing projects 
  9. Attend Leeds write-in at least once a fortnight
  10. Complete 1st draft of 1st story for new anthology

Editing and proof-reading

  1. Surf job boards daily (x 2)
  2. Bid for at least one job per day
  3. Try and win at least one new job per week

Jobs already in

  1. Edit historical fiction #1
  2. Edit historical fiction #2
  3. Proof-read historical non-fiction #1
  4. Draft outline for paranormal article #1


  1. Enter daily competitions daily
  2. Walk dog daily – 30 minutes minimum weekdays; 1 hour minimum weekends
  3. Update gig list weekly 
  4. Update diary weekly 
  5. Raise invoices weekly 
  6. Filing daily 
  7. Shredding daily 
  8. Tidy desk daily
  9. Bake weekly 
  10. Visit parents fortnightly 
  11. Daily yoga workout
  12. 2 high-energy workouts per week
  13. 1 x < 5-mile walk
  14. Ensure I do diddley squat on my monthly Do Diddle Day

The pic at the bottom is February’s photograph in the calendar. It’ll appear again on this month’s Do Diddle Day.

Pugneys, Wakefield
Pugneys, Wakefield

2 thoughts on “February targets (list alert)

  1. Carol Warham 4 February 2013 / 1:54 pm

    Great list as ever!


    • Diane 4 February 2013 / 6:31 pm

      You didn’t need to sit down, then?


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