Silence is golden

I woke up this morning and was as deaf as a post. This is because the cold, while definitely just a cold now, is starting to manifest itself and be seen. I’m feeling tons better, though, which is very good, particularly as I have too much work to do to be poorly.

I’m trying to keep distractions down to a minimum, so am staying off the Internet for a few days, other than to check a few sites that I moderate. I’m logging right out of Facebook so it’s more of a hassle than a “quick look” to nip back in, and I’ve switched FB notifications off. I’ll go in and check when it’s convenient rather than be alerted all the time.

Even the deafness is helping. I feel as though I’m working inside a warm, cosy bubble.

And it was all going so well too … until it started to snow. And now I keep glancing up from my work to gaze through the window at the snowflakes falling and the snow starting to settle. It will all be washed away again tomorrow, but it’s nice and warm here in front of the fire, watching.

So this is a flying visit, via the mobile phone, as I have work to do. Today I work – and tomorrow, and the next day …