A tad busy

blog thumbnailOoh, I’ve been a bit busy between last Friday and today, and even now – at 10:40pm – I’m only coming up for air between hard copy and electronic copy proof-reading.

I was working at the weekend, mostly on an auto-biography for a client, and I did get going on that. But when I warned him that it may be a day late, i.e. Sunday, because I’d been poorly, he told me not to give up my weekend and he extended the deadline. What a nice chap.

So I had an unexpected afternoon off on Saturday and did some shopping. I had to replenish the dog training treats, and bought him a new ball as well – ooh, and our pet superstore has finally joined the 21st century and is issuing loyalty cards. I nipped to the chemist to get the lipgloss I like, because I can’t get it from the supermarket at the moment, and while there picked up a new fitness magazine. I had a free lunch courtesy of another loyalty card. I picked up a pair of yoga pants in a sports shop sale, because I lounge around the house in them and two pairs are falling apart. And Rufus had a good walk.

Sunday I pootled about doing absolutely nothing. Well, he told me not to work on the weekend … but I wish that I had.

On Monday I started back to work with a vengeance, and then the house calls and the phone calls started. Nuisance neighbour is at it again, this time the local environmental health department came to see me. I told them this was complaint no 10, and they said they were also fed up of him and were passing him “upstairs”. I had long conversations with the police and with my solicitor, plus one call about repairing the fence/gate, and I finally set up the CCTV a friend had loaned me that I was just using as a deterrent for now.

He’s about to get a letter off my solicitor and the police decided that now might be a good time to get the camera plugged in. I’ve been advised not to carry out any temporary repairs on the gates until we know whether I have to leave vehicle access or if I can fence off the garden full stop. We’re still investigating the boundary dispute, but he’s going to get a sharp rap on the knuckles over his constant harassment.

Ten complaints since November 2011 (that we know of), and not a single one has been upheld. My solicitor and the police both believe that once he gets his letter, there will be a whole host of other complaints he’d like to make about me, but at least we’ll know what they are then, and by his own admission.

While I was setting up the CCTV he came home and made a big pantomime of watching the bedroom window and making a phone call. I totally ignored him and set the CCTV to RECORD.

So that took up most of Monday and because I started work late, I finished work late. About 11pm.

I was up with the larks on Tuesday – well, up by 9am – and was tightening both washing lines by 10am. He’d already gone out, quite early (and he came back quite late – spooked much?), so I had the yard to myself. We’ve had such glorious weather since Saturday that I decided to take advantage of it.

So after hanging out 2 washloads, I was back working. I had an hour off at 9pm to watch a television series, but other than fetching the washing back in (and snapping one of the lines, I’d pulled it so tight), I worked. Until 1am.

Today I’ve been working some more, but still it isn’t shifting. I told him it would take 3 – 5 days and so far it’s taken 3. I’ve done all of the hard copy stuff and some of the electronic. Now I have to finish the electronic amendments and get it back to him. I’ve already sent feedback but by the time I finish, It will probably have taken 3½ days. I just wish I could have been left to just get on with it.

I’ve had a quick tea this evening (beans on toast followed by chopped bananas with fruits of the forest yoghurt), taken the dog for a walk and posted a letter to my solicitor. I have coffee. I work.