blog thumbnailSo I thought I’d have an early night … Oh, don’t make me laugh. Still, it’s not as late as yesterday … Yet. Pah!

The job took FOREVER. I can’t remember the last forever job I had. Anyway, it took loads longer than I thought it would, although it still made it within the projected 3 – 5 days and it still came in on budget. I suppose I can’t have it too easy.

It was also a very interesting, enlightening but harrowing tale (autobiography). The kind of story that makes you think, and that everyone should read. Everyone.

Anyway, I finished work Wednesday night at, ahem, 6:45am on Thursday morning … I had 4 hours sleep, did a few other things, and then carried on.

At 3:30am on Friday my Thursday work day is over and the job is delivered. (HOORAY!)

I did send over a partial yesterday, well – Wednesday – so the client could see what I was doing … and he’s asked me if I’d like the next job as well. I must be doing something right.

He’s getting a longer lead time next time …

So, I’m hoping I’ll sleep now. But I can’t rest too easy as a 5:30pm appointment has been brought forward to 1:45pm, so I’d best set the alarm. And I need to get money so I can pay the milkman at teatime. And pay the hairdresser. And I have to walk the dog. And I need to get some shopping.

I also have the next job to do and I can’t decide which one to do next. The one I’ve done manual edits on and need to electronically edit? The one they want out quickly due to topical events in the news? Or the quick one that won’t tax me too much and will mean an invoice would be on its way a little sooner? Which would you choose?

It’s a busy weekend ahead. I’m meeting up with the lovely Carol (I hope), we’re joining the ramblers for a 6 mile easy stroll, there may be a little moonraking, and then humans to visit on Sunday. Oh, and if I get back in time on Saturday, there’s a gig to go to.

Y’all have a good one, now.