Giddy kipper

bluesA friend who shares my birthday asked me last week what I was doing for mine – he’s in a band and has gigs even further oop north than I currently am so that wasn’t an option.

I realised that our birthday was almost upon us and I didn’t have any clue. So I started to have a think and decided if Birmingham City were at home I’d see if another friend wanted to come along.

They were and that friend (yes, I have more than one) said it sounded like a good idea and to leave it to him.

Within hours he’d bought our tickets, actually quite good tickets, posted a pic to my Facebook, and I’ve been wandering around with a stupid grin on my face ever since.

As I’m going to be down there anyway now, I also asked a couple of other mates if they’d be able to make it out for a drink with us on the evening, and one has already come back to say yes. I know there’s another birthday that weekend back home, but I’m hoping a few more can make it as well.

Then the gig buddy sent me a message asking me if I’d like to go out the night before. It’s Mother’s Day in the UK on the Sunday, so me and Rufus might spend the night at Mom’s and Dad’s. So, after not having any plans at all, the weekend is now fully booked.

And I’m getting a bit good at weekends too.

The one just gone I took off. We didn’t make it to the Moonraker festival on Saturday, but we did go walking locally instead. It was nice to see Carol and for Rufus and Sam to meet each other. I think they got on all right, even if Rufus was a bit naughty at times.

Yesterday I went to visit Mom and Dad. We’ve not been down there for a month, thanks to snow and flu and stuff. They think Rufus is “growing up” a little now.

I’ve already been working today, but now I need to stop grinning and get on with it. My work is a lot more spread out this week after last week, and I intend to stick to the schedule if I can.

I’m editing a novel today. And probably tomorrow too.

Am a proper giddy kipper now, though. 😀

2 thoughts on “Giddy kipper

  1. Carol Warham 25 February 2013 / 5:42 pm

    Sounds like you’re going to have a good birthday! We had a good afternoon didn’t we, Sam and Rufus got used to each other once they learned to ignore one another. Rufus is a scream, if you’ve never seen a little dog fly he is a must. Four paws are up in the air, his ears are like wings and his tail going like a propeller, another time I’ll try and video him!
    Thanks for the ‘refreshments’ in the cafe and a lovely long natter. Lets make sure we don’t leave it too long again.


    • Diane 25 February 2013 / 5:47 pm

      You want to go out with him again?! He’s enchanted you! 🙂


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