All good things …

The sharp-eyed amongst us will have noticed that there hasn’t been an update for a while. This is because I’m doing a lot of work away from the pc at the moment so, therefore, not even switching on every day.

I still come on to look and bid for jobs. I still come on to raise invoices. I still come on to do any typing or any electronic updates or uploads. And I still come on to update the gig list. But I’m not coming on every day, and sometimes not even weekly. And when I do come on, I’m often in a rush so don’t have time to stay.

Everyone is now on Facebook anyway (and if we’re not already friends and I know you, just follow the link in the sidebar and send a request), including my dad and my last blogging buddy to resist by the skin of her fingernails (waves across the pond). And Carol is the only regular commentator these days – always very appreciated, but we know each other in real life now and keep in touch in other ways.

Therefore I’ve decided not to beat myself up and just to pop on when I can. There will no longer be a daily update (working days only anyway). And, to be honest, “edited/proof-read another book” just isn’t that exciting when that’s all I have to say from one day/week to the next. The work is very exciting and I love doing it, but the commentary can’t be too thrilling.

This may change again if ever I’m sat at a pc every day again. But for the foreseeable future … I’ll see you on Facebook.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

It starts here … well, yesterday …

blog thumbnailSo the end of last week once again disappeared beneath a pile of work, but at least the work is there, and at least I’m getting it done. I’m just not able to bob online as much as I’d like.

Friday evening, though, I finished one proper big job, was paid for another one, and I won another. And that, with my own work, has filled me up for March with what I already have in. Good stuff.

On Saturday I went shopping and took the dog with me to the pet shop to get weighed as I’ve started the flea programme now for all the pets. The cats just need to be “adult” or “kitten”, but they need to know how heavy the dogs are. And mine’s a fat little sausage at 11.2kg. (He’s not really fat. I’ve seen sausage dogs that are really overweight and Rufus is still, and will be for a while yet, very fit.)

After working solidly all week again I didn’t feel up to going out Saturday night and just chilled in front of the telly instead.

Then on Sunday I packed the dog into the car and we went to the seaside. I had a picnic in the car, overlooking the sea front, and Rufus could hardly believe how many dogs were just wandering past. I made him stay in the car until he got fed up of barking at them. He needs to get used to other dogs and know he doesn’t have to chase them all. On our beach walk (about an hour) I kept him on the long lead and, in the main, he was very well behaved, not tugging on the lead at all and coming back to me rather than pull away from me when I called him.

Maybe we’re finally getting there. I mean, he is nearly two … lots of other dogs are trained by now, but he does love to chase other dogs. (Sigh.)

Today I started work on a new project, a proof-reading job. And I walked the dog in our fields for the first time this year as they’ve dried out now – I almost lost both wellies last time I went on that walk and thought I’d be stranded. I let the dog off his lead, but kept hiding from him so he had to keep looking for me. He was so good I think he got sick of all the dog treats.

The birthday week started yesterday with our trip to the seaside. I’m out Wednesday evening. On Friday I’m being taken for a birthday meal. And Saturday is the football game, a night out with my Brummie pals and a visit to see the parents.