To-do list for April …

I know we’re pretty much into April by now, but as this is my first week “back”, so to speak, I thought I’d start (ish) with April’s to-do list so far. The faint-hearted may sit this one out:

  • 1 week’s holiday 
  • write 1,000 words every day
  • update price list 
  • author and proof-reader edits on historical fiction #1 
  • weekly walks’ reports for 6 local newspapers
  • daily dog walk
  • edit 145,000-word auto-biography
  • update gig list weekly
  • weekly banking
  • proof-read non-fiction #1
  • proof-read new client novel
  • write sample chapter for own non-fiction
  • weekly diary work
  • 2 x dental appointments (shudder)
  • GP appointment 
  • hair appointment
  • weekly invoices/book-keeping
  • author and proof-reader edits on historical fiction #2
  • 1 x trip to Birmingham
  • ad-hoc work as it comes in from new contract

Wish me luck. 🙂

This is April's picture on the calendars.
This is April’s picture on the calendars.