Friday 19 April 2013

I’ve certainly had a full and busy week. I’ve managed my 1,000 words a day, and am slightly ahead of myself now. I’ve ticked everything in my diary, apart from 2 short yoga sessions. I’ve been plodding steadily through a heavy edit. The dog’s had his walks. I’ve had R&R time. And I’ve lost a little weight.

The weather has been very mixed. We’ve had gale force winds, glorious sunshine, heavy showers. I think March (winds) and April (showers) may be catching up now. The bird table has blown over and the kennel has blown off its bricks. But no damage so far (touch wood).

I have no plans for the weekend. I want to try and catch up with some more backlog of work. I might do some shopping. But that’s it. No gigs lined up, no major walks planned. All very boring, in fact. I may do some baking and, if I do the shopping, I may do some batch cooking.

And that’s it. Y’all have a good one! 😉

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