Oh, what a glorious thing to be …

I don’t usually work weekends. No, really, I don’t. And I bang on about it often enough. But when I have deadlines looming, when I’m a bit behind, or when I’ve taken on a bit more work than I can handle, then I break the rule. That’s one of the reasons rules are there in the first place.

This time, it’s a combination of two things – 1. losing time due to injury and holiday; and 2. a job turning out to be quite a bit bigger than I thought it would be.

I didn’t work on Saturday. I have things that still need doing, like walking the dog, shopping, washing, housework, etc. There’s no-one to delegate to, and the animals just aren’t learning fast enough. I also need time off to recharge.

On Thursday evening, I burned out. I ground to a halt. I wound down so quickly it was like a kick in the face. But Friday morning I was up and at ’em again, all bushy-tailed and raring to go.

But I had Saturday off.

Yesterday, Sunday, I worked. Solidly. All Day. I finished at 1am this morning. Then at 9am, I was back at my desk.

Last night I finished all the manual edits on a big book I’ve been working on. This morning I fired off an update email to the client, and I started the electronic updates. Somewhere in between I snuck a copywriting quickie in for a new client. I needed the respite more than anything. Then I was back at the type face.

At about 3pm I broke off again to walk the dog, nip to the shop, post a couple of things, and while there I bumped into the keep fat buddy. I’ve not seen her properly for, ooh, about a year. So we nattered for a good while at the end of her front path, and then she walked back with us to the top of our snicket, and then we nattered some more. It was great to catch up, but it was gone 5pm by the time I got back in.

I did another hour of work, broke off to cook tea, feed the pets, wash up, watch a bit of telly while I ate my tea, write a few words, set the DVD to record a couple of programmes on telly, and watch a third programme that clashed for just an hour.

It’s 10:30pm now and I just washed my hair. I’m writing this while I run a bath. The next job will be the walks reports for the 6 local newspapers. And if my hair isn’t dry yet, I’ll do a few more electronic edits.

This week I have an appointment in town on Tuesday afternoon, there’s a full council meeting on Thursday I wanted to attend, I have a Do Diddle Day on Friday, I’m meeting up with another friend for a writing session (yes, I have another friend!), I’ve promised the Leeds write-in lot that I’ll try and be there Saturday, and I’m in Birmingham on Sunday.

I have this current book to finish editing (this week), author and proof-reader feedback to apply to a historical novel, another historical novel we’re having layout issues with, a new client’s novel to read and provide feedback for, a non-fiction to proof-read, and a magazine client nagging me for a couple of stories. Plus my own writing work. And life. And all that other stuff in between.

It’s also the start of bill-paying time.

I think I need an extra day this week. Or maybe two. Or something may need to give. Thank goodness we have another 2 days in April next week …

And people think I’m making it up when I say that I’m busy.

Happy days. 🙂

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