Forgetful Friday

I didn’t forget to post on Friday. Well, I did. But only because I didn’t get around to logging on to the computer again.

I’m in the middle of another job, another one I’m catching up with, but it’s a lot easier than the last one. But I want to get it back to the client so she can continue working on it.

However, as I can see an end to the current workload, I’ve done a blitz on the job boards and found more than 40 jobs that suited my skill-set and my personal budget. About 4 have been declined, because I’m in the wrong country, but a few have now come back asking for more information.

The WIP currently consists of a novel to edit, 2 non-fictions to proof-read, 1 non-fiction to write, plus the assessment I’m in the middle of. And, of course, my 1,000 words a day in May on small projects. I also believe that another favourite client may have the next novel with me shortly. Oh yes, and I’ve had an enquiry via the website too. So I’m going to blitz the current workload as well, to get the work invoiced and the deck cleared.

We’re having a bank holiday weekend here in the UK and, for once, the weather is gorgeous. I’ve taken the dog out on a few good walks over the past few days, and that coupled with the heat has really knocked him out. Beautiful.

I’ve also been baking – I made a low fat jam sponge and a homestyle wholemeal loaf – and I’ve started to cook proper meals again, you know with potatoes, and meat, and vegetables, and things. I’ve also discovered a salad that I like – rocket, baby plum tomatoes and cucumber chunks – so I’ve been having that with home-made pizza (made last weekend) or jacket potatoes with cheese.

About 4 weeks ago I lost around 10lb in weight. Since then it’s been up and down and up and down, by a few pounds here or there, but the 10lb has stayed off. I need to get a few more off, and I’m working on it. But even when the scales haven’t shown a change, my clothes have and so have my energy levels.

On Saturday I had so much energy, I was up early, put a washload through, hung it out and brought it in, walked the dog, did some shopping, baked, cooked, kept on top of the washing up, changed the beds, and did some work.

Sundays and bank holiday Mondays are now programmed into me that a lie-in is obligatory. But once again I did some washing, two loads this time, hung it out, fetched it in and put it away. My laundry basket is now empty.

Today is off to a slow start, but I want to do a few more hours on the current WIP, walk the dog, and then maybe – maybe – head off to a teatime gig. Teatime gigs are a bit rubbish for me as they really do cut my day in half. But I’ve not been to a gig in ages, this is a fun band, and I’ve not seen my friends in ages.

I have no tax disc for my car at the moment, but I’ll take the confirmation email saying it’s paid and on its way just in case I get stopped. If I do my work, the gig will be a reward.

Enjoy the holiday sunshine.

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May to-do list

Here is my to-do list for May:

  • 2 bank holiday weekends
  • proof-read new client novel
  • write sample chapter for own non-fiction
  • proof-read non-fiction #1
  • write 1,000 words every day (1k a day in May)
  • weekly walks’ reports for 6 local newspapers
  • daily dog walk
  • edit new historical fiction
  • proof-read non-fiction #2
  • update gig list weekly
  • weekly banking
  • weekly diary work
  • hair appointment
  • weekly invoices/book-keeping
  • 2 trips to Birmingham
  • ad-hoc work as it comes in from new contract
  • MOT car
  • surf job boards daily
  • attend 2 gigs
  • 1 Do Diddle Day

Here is May’s picture on the calendars.

Greylag Geese, Cleethorpes
Greylag Geese, Cleethorpes