A super summer moon

I’ve had a few days of anguish as one then another of my local stationery superstores has closed down. I don’t even know where my nearest stationers is now, apart from a branch of WH Smiths in town, but it’s such a small store they don’t have a great deal of stationery.

There’s a bigger one in Parkgate, Rotherham, but that’s more of a trek and they have bigger book and magazine departments. But they may be my closest stationers now. And, of course, Tesco carries some stationery these days too.

I’m without my car. Now, my car can sit there from one week to the next and not be used, but the minute it’s not there I can think of 101 reasons to go out in it.

Yesterday, as work started to come in for July, I thought, ooh, I’ll just nip out to get a new diary (as I use an academic, mid-year one for work). Then I remembered I didn’t know where the nearest stationer was … and then I remembered I didn’t have my car.

Again yesterday I decided to nip to Tesco to get something nice for my tea … then I remembered I didn’t have my car. I had to walk to our Co-op instead, but it’s only a teensy, weensy little Co-op, so there wasn’t much choice.

Tonight a mate’s band is playing in Leeds at a pub I know I can get to in about half an hour. I’ve never seen this band, he keeps asking me and I keep promising. I would have gone tonight too … but I don’t have my car …

And then yesterday, while I was in the middle of a quick job search, my internet fell over. There was a problem with the phone too and the only people I could call were the phone company (who also provide my internet). I had a massive, massive argument with them – for a start they insisted on calling me Mister Parkin … that’s never a good thing to do and is downright rude and unprofessional.

I kept having to explain the situation to foreigners in a foreign country who insist on responding to a script they must get in drop-down boxes, but it turned out they’d flicked the switch and turned me off.

We confirmed there was nothing owing on the account and I demanded they flick the switch back on again, but, of course, they can’t do that – apparently. It takes 24 hours to flick the switch back on, even though it didn’t take them 24 hours to flick the switch off in the first place.

They promised it would be back up in half an hour … I got it back at midnight …

As the work I potentially lost, and any knock-on follow-up work as a result, cannot be quantified, instead I calculated half a day’s lost income at my usual daily rate and fired off an invoice, plus the price of 2 stamps due to not being able to email the invoices. Had it still been out today, I would have invoiced them again for a full day. Time will tell if they pay it.

So that’s my last few days.

The car is fixable and they are fixing it, but it’s a big job and they had a full schedule, so they couldn’t promise it back before next week. This means I’m grounded – again – for the whole weekend. Again. Unless some kind soul wants to come and take me (and Rufus) out on Sunday?

Now, if you remember, I’d planned a research day on Sunday, in Derbyshire. I ordered nice weather so I could take nice photographs. Well, it looks as though that’s been postponed until next weekend now. No worries, everything happens for a reason. I’ll be watching the news closely this weekend and hoping there aren’t any major road disasters between there and here …

Today is the summer solstice – peace and love to all. Then on Sunday, we have a super moon booked. Do you remember I said Friday would be the planets? Well, it looks like it’s the moon. This is when the moon is at its closest to the earth and it should look huge. If we have a clear night I may take pictures of that instead.

Have a super weekend and enjoy the moon. I’ll probably be working if I can’t get out.

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