Tomorrow we eat

I’ve had a draining, exhausting week, the culmination of which I hope will be tomorrow. I’m on a very short fuse due to the incompetence of a certain government department I’ve been dealing with, where not one single person could be bothered to pick up a telephone and call me back.

After threatening them with writing a letter to my MP, sending a reader’s true experience to one of the red-tops, and then setting my local authority onto them, it’s taken 3 days but we finally have a result – and they hoped I appreciated they’d dealt with it urgently for me …


This is because (1) they lost my documents; (2) they didn’t tell me the documents had never arrived; (3) my documents were finally discovered in Glasgow (that’s Scotland) instead of Sunderland (that’s England). Not one of which was my fault. I did everything they asked of me, I sent everything back. And if I thought I’d get away with it another time, I’d be sending them an invoice for the hours I’ve put into this these past 7 days.

They should have done this assessment in December, and then again in April. But they didn’t.

I’ve also not been very well and the heat is still very stifling, so Diane is not a very happy bunny just now at all.

Still, onwards and upwards.

Now that this … issue has finally been rectified, I can put some other schemes into place. That means tonight I’ll be doing more form-filling, but I also want to look at the diary. It’s been neglected for a week or so and I’m itching to open it up and fill those blank pages again. The new July regime has been slightly delayed but I can’t afford to let it continue to slip. I need to get back on the case now.

I have been doing some work in between this hassle. I’ve been doing the electronic edits on a book I thought I’d done last week and forgotten about, and I’ve pitched for 16 editing or proofreading jobs. I want to pitch for at least 2 writing jobs before the end of the week and get the writing WiP rolling again.

Now the rubbish is out of the way, I can do some shopping tomorrow, I can pay some bills, and we can eat.

All we need now is for the temperature to drop. About 10 degrees should do it. And a spot of rain.

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